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Fox Hollow Village Property Owner's Association

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Updates since 5/13/2018:

  • Updated the Covenants & Restrictions page to include information about some landscape items of interest

  • Added the meeting minutes from the March 21 Special BOD meeting and the March 28 Regular BOD Meeting

  • Added the 2017 EOY Financial Statements

  • Added the Casino Trip details to Fox Hollow social events

  • Updated the schedule for Fox Hollow Board meetings (see below)

About Fox Hollow Village

Fox Hollow Village is comprised of single family homes where monthly maintenance fees cover lawn and shrub maintenance, trash disposal, cable TV, exterior home painting.  The homes are laid out in a staggered fashion and each home has unique landscaping plans.  This village started in 1996 and has been growing ever since.  Today there are only one vacant lot left to build upon.

To take a pictorial tour of the Fox Hollow Village, click here. 

About the Fox Hollow Village POA

The Fox Hollow Village POA oversees the operations of Fox Hollow Village to assure that areas of common interest to the residents of the village are managed for the good of all.  The Fox Hollow Village POA also provides representation to the Meadowcrest Community Association BOD and its various committees.

About the Fox Hollow Village  Home Page

This home page and subsequent pages linked from this page are for the use of the Meadowcrest Community Association (MCA) property owners, especially Fox Hollow Village property owners.  These web pages are owned, maintained, and sponsored by the Meadowcrest Community Association.

Updated 05/13/2018

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