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Updates as of 11/4/20:

About Fairmont Village

Whether you are driving or walking through Fairmont Village's winding streets, you will find established well-kept landscaping along the beautiful and quaint architectural design of the villas.  Fairmont homeowners are a friendly group -- willing to lend a hand where needed.  There are always plenty of social activities to suit everyone's desire, but also quiet for those who prefer to relax.  The monthly maintenance fees pay for the well maintained lawns and shrubbery as well as scheduled painting of the home's exterior.  This allows Fairmont homeowners the time to enjoy the lifestyle they have worked all of their lives to achieve.

To take a pictorial tour of the Fairmont Village, click here. 

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About the Fairmont Village POA

The Fairmont Village POA oversees the operations of Fairmont Village to assure that areas of common interest to the residents of the village are managed for the good of all.  The Fairmont Village POA also provides representation to the Meadowcrest Community Association BOD and its various committees.

The Fairmont Village Board of Directors meets the third Friday of the month at 9:30 AM in the MCA office

About the Fairmont Village  Home Page

This home page and subsequent pages linked from this page are for the use of the Meadowcrest Community Association (MCA) property owners, especially Fairmont Village property owners.  These web pages are owned, maintained, and sponsored by the Meadowcrest Community Association.

Updated 11/04/2020

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